A new service offered by Rycat is Collaboration Technology. These "Electronic Brainstorming" and Strategy Assessment sessions are developed for client-specific issues. A Rycat facilitator leads a session where the client’s participants are all active and productive at the same time. This allows for open brainstorming, electronic survey capabilities, topic commentary and project outlining capabilities to develop high level actions/plans and implementation.

The Advanced Strategy Laboratory

What it does:

  • Supports face-to-face team meetings of all types.

  • Contributes significantly to productivity and efficiency of meetings.

  • Allows everyone to speak at once, levels the playing field, can be anonymous if desired.

  • Captures ideas, allows categorization and prioritization.

  • Self-documenting.

Typical Applications:

  • Meetings to help develop strategic plans, operating plans, marketing plans, etc.

  • Market research and client focus groups.

  • Performance improvement meetings: Identify and prioritize issues, develop suggestions, obtain group concurrence.

  • New leader assimilation, team building.

  • Training evaluation, employee surveys, and more.

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